Autom getting ready for Halloween

We have big news coming soon about when we’ll be shipping Autom™ to those of you who have already pre-ordered and about our new manufacturing partner.
For the moment, Autom™ is having some fun and getting ready for Halloween!  And we need you to help figure out what she should go out dressed as tonight.
The six costumes that she has been trying on this morning are here.  Click on any of them to see the larger version.  Then vote in the poll below to tell us which is your favorite.  And who knows, if they’re popular enough, the items you choose or comment on here may show up as an optional accessory for you to purchase before next Halloween.
And there’s also an opportunity for you to win now.  If you pre-order Autom™ today (October 31st) or if you go to our Facebook page and share the link to this blog that we just posted, you’ll get an entry to win six free months of subscription when you purchase Autom™.  (Purchasing her and sharing gets you two entries.)

2 Responses to “Autom getting ready for Halloween”

  1. 1 corey October 31, 2012 at 6:18 AM

    Why can’t I purchase Autom from Germany?

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